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Gigaset N670 IP PRO


- Up to 20 users / SIP accounts / handsets
- Up to 8 parallel calls
- PoE: Optionnal Power Supply Unit sold separately

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Gigaset N670 DECT IP Single Cell: The upgradable VoIP telephone system designed for the growing demands of your business

Simple deployment with reliable call handling: Perfect cordless communication within any small and medium sized office with the ability to scale as required.
Designed to serve the 90% of businesses across Europe with less than 20 staff, the N670 offers an elegant VoIP solution for professional cordless communications. Straight out of the box, the N670 is designed to work with the entire Gigaset professional handset range with up to 20 DECT handsets while supporting 8 simultaneous voice calls, using both on-premise or cloud-based IP telephony services. For busier offices or larger sites, an upgrade to multicell by license and additional DECT base stations allow you to increase coverage, handsets and simultaneous calls to flexibly meet the needs of your organisation (available later in 2019).

Secure voice and data
Every voice call via the N670 is encrypted using both SRTP and TLS standards to ensure absolute privacy (dependent on PBX or provider). With built-in support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), every team can securely share valuable business contacts directly to and from each handset with a centralised phonebook.

Application Integration
Ensure your teams are at their most productive through advanced application, data and communication device integration. With built in support for uaCSTA, XML and xHTML applications, your inbound and outbound calls can be linked with contact data and custom applications so that critical information is instantly at your fingertips on every device.

Flexible and Reliable
Designed and tested to work with leading on-premise and cloud-based IP telephony service providers, the N670 features both auto-provisioning and remote management capabilities that makes deployment easy and simplifies on-going administration tasks such as adding users, changing numbers or setting up preferences.

Freedom to Grow
As your business needs change, the N670 is ready to adapt with software and hardware upgrades which will enable your organisation to extend the reach and coverage of the system. Through a license update, the N670 can support multiple sites while still delivering all its reliability, security and communication integration features (available later in 2019).

Central management
With a simple license upgrade (available later in 2019) to a full-scale multicell solution, your organisation benefits from central management capabilities, allowing a remote administrator to manage telecommunications access across multiple sites including branch offices, multi-floor offices, campuses or even extended outdoor sites (dependent on PBX or provider).


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Fiche Gigaset N670 IP PRO

Datasheet - French version

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Datasheet Gigaset N670 IP PRO

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