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Gigaset N870E IP PRO


- 2 detachable and adjustable external antennas (45° and 90°)
- 2 TNC connectors for external antennas
- Up to 250 users / SIP accounts / handsets
- Up to 60 base stations
- Up to 60 parallel calls
- Up to 10 simultaneous calls per base
- PoE: Optionnal Power Supply Unit sold separately

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Gigaset N870 IP PRO: The flexible extension for optimized DECT coverage in Gigaset N870 Multicell solutions with special demands.

For installations in special environments the antenna angle and orientation can be changed to improve radio wave propagation and to reduce interferences or reflections. The two detachable external antennas are adjustable at 45°-90° angles. N870E has 2 TNC connectors which are also suitable for third-party antennas. The N870E is based on the same hardware and software and has the same features and upgrade possibilities as the Gigaset N870IP PRO multicell. The N870E can be used in mixed mode with the standard N870IP multicells. It is compatible with a large number of IP-based telephone systems from well-known manufacturers and virtual telephone systems in the network.

DECT multicell with new flexibility
The new Gigaset N870E IP PRO is a variant of the Gigaset IP DECT Multicell N870IP PRO and also uses the proven DECT technology. This is secure because it is digital and encrypted. Tiltable and detachable antennas provide a greater degree of flexibility, as third-party antennas can also be mounted on the externally mounted TNC connectors. This allows flexible adjustment and optimisation of antenna alignment for specific customer installations.

Scalable and future-proof
The N870 DECT multicell system is an expandable solution for any organisation. Start small and expand later when your business is requesting more users. The N870E IP PRO can support so called S, M, L, XL and XXL environments. L to XXL make use of the Gigaset Integrator, which integrates different locations, buildings and floors into one large communication network.

The N870E IP DECT multicell system is interoperable with many platforms and network providers. All recent professional handsets from Gigaset are compatible with the N870E System and integrate smoothly. A full and actual list from platforms, providers and handset compatibility can be found on our wiki.

Easy setup and configuration
Administrators benefit from zero touch provisioning. The intuitive web based interface with online help, XML based configuration files, profiles and support of standard protocols make configuration extremely easy and fast.


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Fiche Gigaset N870E IP PRO

Datasheet - French version

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Datasheet Gigaset N870E IP PRO

Datasheet - English version

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