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Shelly BLU Gateway


Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway in a USB-A dongle
- USB Type-A plug
- Scripting for local control
- Supports MQTT, WebSocket or any other home automation system, like Home Assistant
- Wi-Fi range extender
- Can scan the Bluetooth network and find all other Bluetooth devices
- Can trigger actions on third-party devices using scripting

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No Device Left Behind: The Bridge to Limitless Integration
Step into a new era of seamless connectivity with Shelly BLU Gateway. Typically, Bluetooth-enabled devices require a Bluetooth gateway like a Plus or Pro device. But if you want to use Shelly BLU devices with your Gen-1 Shelly relays (Shelly Dimmer2, Shelly RGBW2, etc), Shelly BLU Gateway is the solution! This compact dongle revolutionizes your setup without the need to wire extra relays – just plug it into an adapter. It bridges the gap between your Shelly BLU devices and the broader Shelly ecosystem, capturing Bluetooth signals and transferring them to the cloud or locally to other devices without Bluetooth capability.

A dongle which works as a bridge between your Shelly BLU devices and the wider Shelly ecosystem. It receives Bluetooth signals and sends them to the cloud or locally to another non-bluetooth device. Now, all your Shelly devices – not just Plus and Pro – can seamlessly interact with your BLU devices.

Wi-Fi operated
Connect Shelly BLU Gateway to your Wi-Fi network! No HUB required!

Quick inclusion via Bluetooth or use it as a Bluetooth gateway.

Wire-free: Simply plug it into a USB Type-A adapter and your socket.

Send information locally and execute custom actions.

Unite your smart devices – cloud or locally
Shelly BLU Gateway is a small USB dongle acting as the gateway between Shelly BLU devices and the Shelly Cloud. If you want to use Shelly Gen-1 devices with Shelly BLU sensors, Shelly BLU Gateway can serve as a gateway to Shelly Cloud and thus to your existing Gen-1 devices. This way, you can eliminate the need for an upgrade to Shelly Plus or Pro devices. But Shelly BLU Gateway isn't just limited to cloud connections! The device allows for local control with immediate response through scripting.

Expand your smart ecosystem
When you need to ensure smooth data transfer from your Bluetooth-enabled devices to a wide array of home automation platforms, Shelly BLU Gateway provides a reliable, effective path for communication through MQTT protocol. Thus, you can expand your current smart ecosystem with branded devices and platforms of your choice.

Extend your existing Wi-Fi range​
In many homes, a single router is too weak to generate a stable signal reaching every room, resulting in dead zones and glitchy connections. Shelly BLU Gateway helps to broadcast your signal up to 30m indoors and 50m outdoors. Plug in one near the edge of your router's wireless range and pair it with the network, thus creating a seamless connection that will give you extended Wi-Fi range within your current setup.


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