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Shelly Vintage G125


Wi-Fi operated bulb with dimming
- 4W; Warm White Brightness: 260 LM with dimming function
- Designed to fit a standard light socket – E27
- Easy control through the Shelly app or various protocols, platforms, and voice assistants.
- Has an embedded web server and connects to your Wi-Fi network

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A smart, vintage bulb with a spectacular design
Imagine the smart functions you’ve always dreamed of in a vintage-style bulb. You get the best of both worlds, mixing modern technology with a classy vintage look, designed for installation in a standard light socket – E27.
Connect Shelly Vintage directly to your Wi-Fi at home, play with the light and dim it to your preference.

Wi-Fi Operated
Connect Shelly Vintage to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!

Power Monitoring
Shelly Vintage provides precise monitoring of power consumption.

Elegant design
A spectacular vintage design that fits any home interior.e from warm to cool whites.

Light intensity adjustment
Enjoy dimmable white light by fine-tuning your brightness.

Energy efficient
Reduce energy usage without brightness or quality loss.

Smart Schedules:
Set custom schedules based on your daily agenda or automatically follow the sunrise/sunset and control your lighting accordingly.

Jazz up your space
Shelly Vintage G125 creates the perfect light atmosphere for your bar, restaurant, or jazz club. The beautiful vintage style of our bulb will be the finishing touch to the ideal interior design – whether it's a modern or an old-style one. Shelly will help you optimize your lights' energy consumption through smart schedules, timers, and scenes. Automate the lights and set them to switch off at night - that way, no excess electricity will be used, resulting in lower monthly bills for your business.

Sleek vintage design
Shelly Vintage G125 will perfectly complement any interior lighting - from the beautiful lamps above your bar to the bedside lamp. With its sleek and stylish vintage design, incandescent filament, and beautiful bulbous shape, the right warm light will make the bulb transform any otherwise ordinary lamp into a masterpiece of your interior.

A warm welcome home
Give a warm welcome to your loved ones when entering your home. Combine Shelly Vintage G125 with Shelly Door/Window2 sensor. When placed on the front door, the sensor can be set to turn the lights on when the door is opened, and of course, alert you of your visitors.

Dim in style
Do you wish to make a romantic surprise for your loved one with a beautiful dinner, but you’re lacking the right atmosphere? Lights can change much – switch your ordinary bulb's white fluorescent light to a warm yellow light with Shelly Vintage G125, and enjoy a dimmable regime by fine-tuning your brightness levels with a single tap on your phone or straight from the wall switch – it’s all up to you!

Full compatibility
Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice!


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