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Mitel 6940w IP Phone


- 7" (800 X 480) Color LCD Touch Display with backlighting
- Cordless handset
- Dual Band Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
- Bluetooth (5.2)
- Mitel PCLink
- MobileLink mobile device integration
- Mobile phone charging point
- Personal programmable soft keys (Up to 96 Lines)
- Context sensitive soft keys
- Touch-based navigation
- USB (Headset and Accessories)
- Optional Expansion Module (M695)
- 2 X 10/100/1000 - PoE

- PoE (Sold without Power Supply Unit)

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Mitel 6940w IP Phone: Powerful Wi-Fi equipped IP phone designed for the executive user

The Mitel 6940w is designed for the executive user who demands an exceptional device that meets their demanding communication needs. The 6940w provides flexible network connectivity options including wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi to facilitate installation in work-at-home and corporate environments. The 6940w’s first-of-its-kind PCLink feature turns your phone into a high quality audio device for PC based video collaboration. PCLink enables seamless handling of both phone calls and PC audio through a single easy-touse device. By connecting the phone to your favorite PC video collaboration solution you now have one centralized audio device for all communication. The enhanced full-duplex speakerphone, cordless handset and optional Mitel integrated DECT cordless or H-Series headset give you the flexibility you need to fit with with the way you work.

Mitel PCLink
PCLink solves the challenge today’s home-based workers face day-in and day-out – how to effectively manage two necessary but independent communications modes: traditional phone calls and PC based collaboration. PCLink gives you the best of both worlds in a single, familiar, easy-to-use, high quality audio device – the 6940w IP Phone. Using PCLink you are no longer forced to use two separate audio accessories, one for your phone and one for our PC – all communications are managed by the 6940w. The 6940w frees you to work handsfree using the high-quality speakerphone or optional integrated cordless DECT headset, that allows you to roam about your house or office floor thanks to its exceptional operating range.

MobileLink Mobile Integration
The 6940w IP Phone’s MobileLink mobile device integration seamlessly marries mobile phone call audio and both contact and call log information with the desktop phone. Calls to the mobile phone can be answered on the 6940w just like any other call leveraging the superior audio performance and ergonomics of the 6940w. Mobile Phone contacts and call history are automatically synchronized with the 6940w allowing access to the same information on either device. A powered USB port suitable for charging a mobile phone is also built into the 6940w.


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Brochure Mitel 6900 Series

Brochure - English Version

Download (795.76k)

Fiche Mitel 6940w

Datasheet - French version

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Datasheet Mitel 6940w

Datasheet - English Version

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