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Akuvox MD06


Name Tag Module for Akuvox R20B / R20K
- 6 call buttons with name tags
- IP65 rated
- Backlight compensation behind the name
- In-wall installation

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Akuvox MD06 and MD12: Video Intercom Nametag Module

The Akuvox MD06 and MD12 present an innovative name tag module compatible with R20K/R20B systems. Equipped with six call buttons featuring name tags, communication is effortless. Designed for outdoor durability with an IP65 rating, they offer enhanced visibility with backlight compensation. User-friendly and expandable, they seamlessly integrate into in-wall installations for a hassle-free experience.

- Compatible with R20K/R20B systems, featuring a name tag module.
- Designed with IP65 rating for outdoor installation, ensuring durability.
- Backlight compensation integrated behind the name tag buttons.
- User-friendly and expandable design for enhanced usability.
- Suitable for in-wall installation, offering a seamless integration solution.

- MD06 includes six call buttons equipped with name tags for convenient calling.
- MD12 includes twelve call buttons equipped with name tags for convenient calling.


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