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Yealink BH70 Dual


Wireless Bluetooth Dual Headset
- 3-Mic Noise Cancellation
- All-day-wearing comfort
- 35mm custom speakers
- Up to 35 hours wireless battery life
- Engineered for minimizing wind noise
- Lightweight design
- Enhanced Busy Light

- USB and UC/MS Version choices in drop-down menus

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Yealink BH70: Yealink Essential Bluetooth Headset

Enhance production efficiency and maintain absolute competitiveness with the Yealink BH70 Bluetooth wireless headset. The versatile Yealink BH70 is suitable for various scenarios, including office, home, or on-the-go use, effectively meeting all your needs. Equipped with Yealink's advanced 2nd generation microphone noise cancellation technology, three AI-powered microphones intelligently and efficiently reduce background noise to ensure a seamless call experience. Designed ergonomically based on extensive user studies, the BH70 provides exceptional comfort for extended wear throughout the day. With impeccable stereo playback sound quality, you can always indulge in an unparalleled audio experience. Boasting a long-lasting battery life and effortless usability, the BH70 serves as your best communication and collaboration companion.

3-mic beamforming noise cancellation technology
With the support of Yealink acoustic shield technology, the three built-in microphones of BH70 can automatically block background noise while ensuring that participants' voices are clearly conveyed, greatly improving communication efficiency. This advanced technology uses multiple noise cancellation algorithms and signal processing technology to effectively eliminate noise from various interference sources in the environment. Whether it’s a busy conference call in the office or noisy background sounds in an open work area, it is no longer an obstacle to the quality and effectiveness of communication.

All-day wearing comfort
Based on extensive research and analysis, BH70 has been meticulously designed to meet the highest ergonomic standards. Through hundreds of head-form evaluations and thousands of wearing comfort tests, we have ensured that this headset provides optimal support and comfort for extended periods of use. Furthermore, the lightweight design adds another layer of convenience to your experience. The carefully selected materials used in constructing this headset ensure that it remains light on your head while still maintaining durability and sturdiness.

Brilliant audio quality
The BH70 also has excellent voice reception capabilities. Through careful design and optimization, any factors that may lead to increased distortion or blur are avoided while ensuring that conversation participants can hear the sound clearly. Whether you're in a busy office environment or onthe-go, the BH70 ensures that your calls are clear and professional. On the other hand, when it comes to music mode, these headphones deliver an immersive audio experience with rich bass, detailed midrange tones, and crisp highs. The dynamic EQ adapts to different genres of music, enhancing each track's unique characteristics and providing an enjoyable listening experience across various musical styles.

Power battery life & visible busylight
The BH70 headset is designed to provide an exceptional talk time of up to 35 hours, ensuring that you can stay connected and engaged for extended periods without worrying about battery life. When users make a call or attend a meeting, the visibility indicators of the BH70 automatically glow red to reduce external interference and allow users to focus on the conversation.

BH70-DUAL-TEAMS-USBC - 1208667

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Datasheet - French version

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Datasheet Yealink BH70

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