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Patton SN5531/8BIS16VHP/EUI


- 8 BRI
- 16 VoIP Calls or 8 SIP-SIP calls
- 8 Transcoded Calls
- High Precision 5ppm Clock
- 2x Gig Ethernet
- 1x USB port
- SN5531/8BIS16VHP/EUI: 8 X ISDN BRI/S0 ports

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SmartNode Enterprise Session Border Router Model 5530

The SmartNode 5530, is a cost effective ESBR with up to 4 BRI ports supporting a high level of VoIP and network security. It is capable of up to 512 SIP to SIP calls and max. 4 transcoded SIP to SIP calls. With its built-in QoS functionalities and support of G.722 high definition codec, an excellent VoIP call quality will be guaranteed.

The SmartNode 5530 Enterprise Session Border Router comes with built-in security features such as SIP TLS, SRTP, Stateful Firewall and secure provisioning, to protect the LAN networks from fraud strikes out of the Internet.

The unique WEB Wizard enables an easy and hassle free installation, and gives the possibility to technical people creating their own Web interface.

With the separate config domain feature, the SN5530 will be the service demarcation point for SIP Trunk service providers. Where the local administrator can only modify configuration settings facing the LAN IP PBX.

The SN5530 can also be used to do VoIP call transcoding for up to 4 calls. For instance converting G711 codecs on the LAN side to G729 on the WAN side.

Like every SmartNode, the SN5530 Series models are state-of-the-art ESBRs that also provide complete Policy Based IP routing.

Network Integration: Whether used as an Enterprise Session Border Router or as a VoIP gateway/router, the SmartNode 5530 provides excellent VoIP, IP QoS and security features for seamless network integration. All BRI ports are configurable to be TE or NT, you can thus connect your telco line(s) as well as a PBX or ISDN terminals. Terminals are powered with the built-in power supply, eliminating the need for an external box. For business class IP telephony at the tip of your fingers, the SmartNode 5530 is more than just talk!

Full VoIP protocol support
SIPv2, SIP v2 over TLS, T.38, G.722 HD voice, RTP Security with SRTP, fax and modem bypass, DTMF relay. Up to 512 SIP to SIP calls.

2/4 Ports Quality ISDN VoIP
2 or 4 ISDN BRI S0 ports. Supports ISDN, DSS1, and QSIG. Up to 5 G.722 or up to 8 T.38 or G.711 calls simultaneously. Using SRTP, up to 5 simultaneous calls.

Full Telephony Features
SessionRouter allows flexible call routing and numbering plan adaptations, CLIP/CLIR, hold, transfer, 3-way conferencing (roadmap) and much more.

Outstanding Interoperability
Interoperable for voice and T.38 fax with leading SIP service providers, soft-switch vendors, and Asterisk IP-PBX.

Complete Access Routing
Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with auto MDI-X. Ethernet Layer 2 switching and bridging. Access router with NAT, Policy Based Routing, Stateful Firewall, PPPoE, DHCP, DynDNS.

High Precision Clock Option
DECT PBX interoperability and improved fax performance with Stratum 3 CO quality clock (HP).


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