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Yealink MCore Kit-MS C5

SKU:MCore-Kit-MS-C5 - 1206655

Mini-PC (MCore Pro) and Collaboration Touch Console (MTouch Plus) and Multifunctional Room Sensor (RoomSensor)

- For Yealink Meeting Solutions
- 11th-gen Intel QUAD-CORE i5
- Memory 8GB (2 x 4GB) - Storage 128GB SSD
- 3 x HDMI video output with CEC
- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
- 1 x Yealink MTouch port (RJ45)
- 4 x USB3.0 Type-A
- 1 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet port
- 1 x Power port
- 1 x Security lock slot
- Integrated cable management

- 11.6-inch Anti-fingerprint & Anti-glare IPS Screen (1920 X 1080)
- Multiple Panels to Control
- Third-party Screen Sharing
- Wireless BYOD
- Supports Power Supply for PC (Content Sharing)
- Three Deployment Methods

- Passive Infrared Tech
- Wireless Installation
- Magnetism Designing
- Adjustable Angle
- Temperature / Humidity / Light Detection
- Device Management over Cloud Server
- Lithium Power Supply
- Bluetooth BLE
- Status Alarm
- Actions with Yealink RoomPanel

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Yealink MCore Pro: A mini-PC designed specifically for video conference room systems

Yealink MCore Pro is a Mini-PC specially designed for Yealink conference room systems. It uses the Intel Core 11th generation i5 processor with excellent performance, providing powerful data processing capabilities for conference room systems. MCore Pro has three built-in HDMI video output interfaces, which support the simultaneous display of three screens to provide a diverse video conferencing experience. Use the TPM 2.0 to keep your data secure. The automatic wake-up screen feature supported by CEC allows you to enjoy the convenient experience by one touch. In addition, the built-in security slot of the MCore Pro can provide you with a simple and reliable deployment experience.

Yealink MTouch Plus Touch Panel: 11.6-inch 1080P Large Touch Screen

Yealink MTouch Plus is the specific-designed Yealink third-generation touch panel with unique appearance and all-in-one features. With an 11.6-inch anti-fingerprint and anti-glare IPS large screen, MTouch Plus provides you with a more comfortable control experience during the meeting. Yealink MTouch Plus supports controlling meetings by multiple touch panels simultaneously* and allowing multiple participants to synchronously control the meeting. It supports screen sharing via third-party* and wireless BYOD features*, and you can join the meeting with only one-time touch and share your screen anytime. With more deployed methods for MTouch Plus, you can mount it on the wall and lay it lat or ix it on the desktop according to your needs through a cleverly designed expansion bracket. Working with the RoomSensor, it can automatically detect participants entering the meeting room and automatically wake up the whole system, allowing you to experience different meeting room features.

Yealink RoomSensor: Enterprise Multifunctional RoomSensor

Yealink RoomSensor is an enterprise multifunctional room sensor with occupancy, temperature, humidity and light-detecting functions. Linkage with Yealink RoomPanel through BLE protocol and brings features such as automatic release, automatic check-in, etc. The Passive Infrared technology makes motion detection more excellent and accurate; Lower power consumption & a replaceable lithium battery provides a maximum of four years of life. The wireless application and adjustable angle design make the RoomSensor easy to install on all kinds of surfaces and can easily cover the whole meeting room.

MCore-Kit-MS-C5 - 1206655

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Datasheet Yealink RoomSensor

Datasheet - English version

Download (492.54k)

Datasheet Yealink MTouch Plus

Datasheet - English version

Download (278.9k)

Datasheet Yealink MCore Pro

Datasheet - English version

Download (335.18k)

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