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Yealink RoomSensor

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Multifunctional Room Sensor
- Passive Infrared Tech
- Wireless Installation
- Magnetism Designing
- Adjustable Angle
- Temperature / Humidity / Light Detection
- Device Management over Cloud Server
- Lithium Power Supply
- Bluetooth BLE
- Status Alarm
- Actions with Yealink RoomPanel

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Yealink RoomSensor: Enterprise Multifunctional RoomSensor

Yealink RoomSensor is an enterprise multifunctional room sensor with occupancy, temperature, humidity and light-detecting functions. Linkage with Yealink RoomPanel through BLE protocol and brings features such as automatic release, automatic check-in, etc. The Passive Infrared technology makes motion detection more excellent and accurate; Lower power consumption & a replaceable lithium battery provides a maximum of four years of life. The wireless application and adjustable angle design make the RoomSensor easy to install on all kinds of surfaces and can easily cover the whole meeting room.

- Passive Infrared Tech: Passive Infrared Technology, high-accuracy room occupancy status sensing.
- Wireless Installation: Wireless and compact design, support multi-type surface of wall installation.
- Magnetism Designing: No wired running and magnetism mounted, easy to maintain.
- Adjustable Angle: Status Alarm Support ± 20° adjustable angle makes deployment simpler.
- Temperature Detection: Room temperature detection automatically wakes up the air conditioner.
- Humidity Detection: Room humidity detecting brings pleasant environment adjustment.
- Light Detection: Room light detecting, associated with the dimmer/switcher adjustment.
- Device Management over Cloud Server: Easily monitor, manage and diagnose by Yealink WorkSpace Management Cloud Server.
- Lithium Power Supply: Lithium battery power supply, up to 4 years life, user-replaceable part.
- Bluetooth BLE: Directly connect to RoomPanel without extra gateways, ultra-low power consumption.
- Status Alarm: Support automatic alarm of abnormal equipment and battery status.
- Actions with Yealink RoomPanel: Actions with the Yealink RoomPanel, support automatic reserve, automatic release, automatic alarm etc.

RoomSensor / 1303111

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Datasheet Yealink RoomSensor

Datasheet - English version

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