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Gigaset ION


- Handsfree with brilliant HD voice
- Handsetmode
- HDSP ready CAT-IQ 2.0 (audio)
- Proximity sensor
- ECO DECT via USB dongle
- USB 2.0 connection (DECT STICK)
- USB-C connection (charging cradle + main unit)
- SUOTA via USB Dongle
- AAA batteries
- Compatible with Microsoft Teams & Zoom

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Gigaset ION: The UC handset for flexible use – in the office, home office and on business trips

The new Gigaset ION was developed to meet the needs of modern Unified Communications (UC) users in their everyday working lives. It combines the convenience of a DECT handset with connectivity to your UC solution. Outstanding HD audio quality paired with almost limitless mobility, thanks to the integrated DECT interface, and the hands-free function, creates unprecedented freedom of use for the user. With its simple plug & play installation, it is the logical evolution from a wired desk phone to a mobile communication unit. Certified with the UC solution from SWYX and integrated by Unify Circuit and compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and numerous softphones it supports the world's leading UC platforms. The Gigaset ION also scores with its flexible hands-free function. Everyday ad-hoc conferences with several employees in the meeting room or a huddle room or even in your own office. With the integrated microphone that is optimised for noise-cancelling the Gigaset ION is always ready for use. The integrated proximity sensor also detects during a call whether the device is at the ear or lying on the table and switches to the audio mode required in each case.

Automatic switching between the audio modes
With the integrated proximity sensor, the Gigaset ION is able to detect which audio mode is currently required handsfree or handset mode. During an active call in handsfree mode without pressing a key the Gigaset ION switches from handsfree mode to handset mode when it is taken out of the charging cradle or off the table and placed to your ear as you would act with a handset. The secret information you are sharing in your call remains secret. Due to the fact that the Gigaset ION uses a DECT connection you do not have to worry about your data because of DECT encryption.

Change settings with the ION desktop app
The Gigaset ION desktop app can be used for software updates and the numerous functions4 of the ION. Change and adapted the device to the user's preferences. Answering a call when the phone is lifted out of the charging cradle or hanging up when returning the ION into the cradle are just some of the offered options. Additionally, the compatibility of the Gigaset ION is constantly being expanded through regular software updates.

Compatibility through standardised interface
Thanks to the integrated USB interface the Gigaset ION can be used as an audio output device with almost all softphones and UC clients installed on Linux, Windows and Mac OS-based devices. This means that the device offers the greatest possible flexibility. With the Gigaset DECT STICK, the Gigaset ION can also be used behind a desk phone with an USB port for headsets. Standard USB drivers for the use of voice enable plug-and-play installation.

DECT for mobile flexibility
For maximum mobility, the new Gigaset ION has a DECT interface that connects to the included Gigaset USB DECT STICK. This can be connected to the USB port on your computer or to the charging cradle of the Gigaset ION. This opens complete flexibility even when travelling. The Gigaset ION can be charged either in the charging cradle or via the USB-C interface. In contrast to other wireless standards, DECT has a much greater range and is ideal for telephony. With a range of up to 300 metres, it offers a lot of new possibilities for your telephone calls and conferences.

Disinfectant-resistant surface
The new Gigaset ION is partly equipped with a disinfectantresistant surface, which makes cleaning the handset easy. This means the handset surface can be quickly and easily cleaned of bacteria and virucides as it moves from one employee hand to another.


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Datasheet Gigaset ION

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