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Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM


Professional DIN rail smart dual cover/shutter controller with power metering capabilities
- LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connection
- 2 covers/shutters, 16 A each
- Power metering on each cover and free storage data
- Cover (roller) control - roller shutters, awnings, gates, barriers, sliding doors, curtains, garage doors, bi-directional AC motors
- Single-phase control
- Easy control through the Shelly app, various protocols, and platforms, as well as voice assistants

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Dual Control, One Solution!
Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM is a DIN-rail mountable dual-cover smart controller, supporting up to 16A load per cover. Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM is equipped with integrated precise power meters that allow you to control and monitor the consumption of each cover separately. It is perfect for the automation of roller shutters, curtains, awnings, gates, and many more! Use scripts to create advanced custom automation procedures based on various occurrences, weather forecasts, etc.

Shelly Pro series
Enhanced with overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower, and overtemperature protection, Shelly Pro series is designed to be installed inside the breaker box (DIN rail). Shelly Pro line is perfect for new buildings - homes, offices, stores, business and manufacturing facilities.

LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity
LAN connection for high security and reliability. Simultaneous Wi-Fi and LAN usage, as backup when needed.

Cover (roller) control
Control two bi-directional AC motors and set your desired position.

Precise power metering
Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM provides precise monitoring of the power consumption of both covers.

2 covers, 16 A each
Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM has a total device output of 32A.

Enhanced safety & security
Improved safety features and TLS 1.2 support, allowing a broad range of secure cloud-connected and local integrations.

Scripting capabilities
Set custom scenes by combining Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM with your other devices.

Automated blinds
Controlling motorized blinds, curtains, and roller shutters can greatly improve privacy, energy efficiency, and home security. With Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM, you can open, close and set the position of your curtains and roller shutters according to your own needs and preferences. You can schedule the curtains to open in the morning to let in natural light, and close when temperature inside the room reaches a high level, or when the weather forecast is warm, to regulate indoor temperature and improve efficiency.

An awning that follows the weather
The outdoor motorized awnings offer pleasant shade for the establishment's visitors on sunny days. However, a strong, unexpected wind can damage them beyond repair. By combining it with a wind sensor or simply by implementing scripting to receive weather forecasts, Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM can automatically close the outside awnings to protect them from the wind. Additionally, if the weather forecast predicts rain in the afternoon hours, Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM will open the awnings again to protect the outside seated customers.

Remote control of parking gates
Security services for your office buildings can be costly to maintain. Shelly eliminates the need for physical keys or access cards and enhances security by providing a digital trail of gate activities. Shelly Pro Dual Cover / Shutter PM can give you remote control over your parking barriers or gate doors and ensure that only authorized individuals can operate them. You can schedule the gate to open during specific times of the day, such as mornings and evenings, ensuring a smooth entry and exit routine. Additionally, you can integrate gate control with other smart devices, such as outdoor lighting or surveillance cameras, to create customized automation scenarios that enhance security and convenience.

Pro line capabilities
Enhanced with temperature, overpower, and overvoltage load protection, Shelly Pro series is designed to be installed inside the breaker box (DIN). Allowing full smart automation with no additional cables or wiring, Shelly Pro line is perfect for homes, offices, stores, business, and manufacturing facilities, as well as new buildings.

Working on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, supporting Access Point (AP) and Client Mode (CM) options

Add devices fast and easy via Bluetooth connection, using the Shelly Cloud App

LAN connection for high security and reliability. Simultaneous Wi-Fi and LAN usage, as backup, when needed.

Temperature protection / Overpower protection (PM devices) / Overvoltage load protection (PM devices) / Flame Retardant (V-0)

HTTP/HTTPS webhooks / Sunrise/Sunset actions with offsets / Weekly Scheduling / Custom scripts(mJs) / Grouping Scenes

Overheating protection
In case of unsafe temperature levels or rapid temperature increase, device switches off the outputs and sends notification. Internal temperature sensor is measuring the heat every 100 ms.

Overpower protection
Detected overpower will lead to outputs switch off by the device and it will immediately send a notification. Overpower protection feature protects the device and other electrical equipment from potential damage. (Feature is available only for power metering-enabled devices)

Overvoltage protection
Voltage peaks could be dangerous for electrical appliances and machines. To avoid damage to the electrical appliances the device switches off the outputs when overvoltage peaks are detected and immediately sends a notification. (Feature is available only for power metering-enabled devices)

Flame Retardant (V-0)
All Shelly Pro components are produced with flame-resistant materials and will keep their construction even when exposed to high levels of heat.

HTTP/HTTPS webhooks for quick connection
Enhanced with HTTP/HTTPs webhooks, Shelly Pro line can easily connect with, notify or control other compatible equipment or 3rd party automation system.

Smart actions that follow the Sunrise/Sunset
Shelly Pro line can switch on/off the power, depending on the Sunset/Sunrise hour, allowing dynamic control of the electrical equipment depending on the season.

Automation with weekly scheduling
Shelly Pro line allows you to set up to 20 actions based on your daily or weekly schedule with no need for an external hub or server.

Scripting for custom automation
Shelly Pro line fully supports mjS scripting, allowing customers to create their own features and functionalities.

Full compatibility
Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice!


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