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Shelly 1 Mini Gen3


Wi-Fi-operated smart switch, 1 channel 8 A
- Equipped with a new processor & increased flash memory - ESP Shelly
- Improved durability of terminals
- Supports up to 8 A at 240 VAC and 5 A at 30 VDC
- Dry contacts (potential-free)​ - option for contactor control
- Wi-Fi range extender & Bluetooth gateway
- No hub required! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, most platforms and protocols, as well as voice assistants. Use it with Alexa, Home Assistant or your preferred automation system
- Supports scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS and custom certificates

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The smallest relay switch in the world for smart control. Automate your lights, garage door, irrigation system, or other small electrical appliances in less than 10 minutes and control them from anywhere. Small enough to fit behind any wall switch or socket, Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 can be retrofitted and is highly compatible with your existing smart ecosystem.​

Mini Size, Mini Price
Designed with convenience in mind, these mini relays have all the capabilities of standard switches fit into a compact and space-saving form factor. Despite their small size, the Shelly Mini Gen3 devices don't compromise on performance or functionality. Equipped with our powerful Shelly chip featuring 8MB of memory, device efficiency and responsiveness are significantly improved, guaranteeing smoother and faster operation.

Size does matter!
Shelly Mini Gen3 devices open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into even the most tightly packed spaces and switch boxes.

Wi-Fi Operated
Connect Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!

Quick inclusion via Bluetooth or use it as a Bluetooth gateway.

Dry Contacts
Use it to control a wide range of devices and appliances.

Smart Schedules
Set custom schedules based on your daily agenda or follow the sunrise/sunset and control your lighting accordingly.

Smart Scenes
Set custom scenes by combining Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 with your other Shelly devices.

Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 fully supports mjS scripting, allowing you to create custom features and functionalities.

Lighting Control Wherever You Need It​
Thanks to its compact size, Shelly Mini 1 Gen3 can discreetly fit within the ceiling rose of your lamp or in jammed wall boxes. Once installed, Shelly Mini 1 Gen3 enables you to effortlessly control your lights or other appliances using the Smart Control App, your preferred platform, or voice assistant. Easily customize your lights according to your daily routine with personalized schedules and save on energy. Set your hallway lights to automatically switch off past your family's bedtime, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. And don't worry - you can still use your light switches manually to suit the needs of everyone in your home.

Make any small electrical appliance smart​
Transforming old electrical appliances into smart devices becomes even more accessible with Shelly 1 Mini Gen3. Its 8A limit is perfect for transforming small to medium-sized appliances into smart devices, such as lamps, coffee makers, and others. Place it in the socket or fit it discreetly inside the appliance's casing, avoiding the need for additional external wiring.

Control your garage door
Shelly 1 Mini Gen3's compact design allows for flexible placement options, enabling you to install it directly within the garage door opener's housing or even near the motor. Its 8A power handling capability ensures reliable garage door control, allowing you to conveniently operate your garage door remotely without the need for bulky external modules.

Automate your irrigation system based on the weather
Shelly Mini 1 Gen3's smaller form factor allows it to be installed modestly near the irrigation system's control panel or inside waterproof enclosures, ensuring protection from the elements. Its 8A capacity is perfectly suitable for managing irrigation valves, offering seamless automation and conserving water based on weather conditions by using its scripting capabilities.

On the Road to Matter
Each Gen3 device is engineered to be upgradable to Matter. The doubled memory, compared to Plus series, guarantees a smooth update process, paving the way for new smart capabilities and integrations.

More Memory, More Power
The Gen3 series ensures the quality and reliability of our devices by using our own powerful Shelly chip. Boasting 8MB of memory, this dramatically improves device performance and efficiency. This significant increase in memory not only guarantees smoother and faster operation but also equips the Gen3 series for the introduction of new capabilities.

Unified Control with Virtual Components
The Gen3 Series introduces “virtual components, transforming how you manage and control 3rd party devices. Within the Shelly Smart Control app, you can now create virtual devices, integrating non-Shelly products into a unified control system. This feature provides streamlined control of all your smart devices, regardless of brand, from a single interface.

Full compatibility
Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice!


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