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Shelly Plus Smoke


Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm
- Battery operated - 1x CR123A battery - Not restricted as per IATA s.p. A123
- LED indications and loud alarm; Alarm pause (Hush mode)
- Low battery warning
- Easy installation

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Shelly Plus Smoke Alarm is a smart photoelectric smoke alarm, which is effective at detecting slow fires that smoulder for hours before bursting into flame. Receive instant notifications on your phone and create safety scenes to keep your family and home safe.

Be always alerted, no matter where you are!
Shelly Plus Smoke is a wire-free, battery-operated alarm that can help provide additional protection for your home, family, and pets. Its long life span, high sensitivity, and Wi-Fi technology allow you to constantly monitor your home for any smoke and keep your family safe, wherever you are.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
Connect Shelly Plus Smoke to your Wi-Fi network.
No HUB required!

5 years of battery life
Count on low-battery-consuming technology.

Sound & light alerts
If smoke is detected, Shelly Plus Smoke will initiate a loud sound (>85db) and light alarm.

Easily mountable
Shelly Plus Smoke is wire-free and has no angle limitations, making it very easy to install.

Immediate notification
No matter where you are, Shelly Plus Smoke will immediately notify you of any danger.

Smart scenes
Set custom scenes by combining Shelly Plus Smoke with your other Shelly devices.

Immediate notifications
In case of any detected danger, Shelly Plus Smoke will immediately inform you and your family members in real-time and allow you to take action, no matter how far away you are.

Protect your home with Shelly Plus Smoke
In the case of smoke or fire, you can set smart actions for your Shelly devices to take in order to protect your family and home! These scenes can be customised to your liking and happen in an exact order and time frame.

Sends an immediate notification and sounds alarm
When Shelly Plus Smoke detects a risk, it sounds a loud alarm for everyone inside to hear, while simstarts the personalised scene you've selected for the event,  and notifies you through the app, no matter how far away from home you are.

Cuts off power supply to all appliances
In order to prevent further damage, Shelly Plus Smoke can trigger your other Shelly devices using scenes or webhooks to quickly cut off the power to all appliances in the room where the fire has occurred.

Notifies you if anyone is in the room
Together with Shelly Motion2, you can be instantly alerted if motion is detected in the room. Additionally, using webhooks, it can trigger other devices like cameras, speakers, or any connected devices to help you monitor from afar.

Turns on emergency lighting and unlocks all doors
If you have RGBW bulbs, strips, or alarms around your home, Shelly Plus Smoke can trigger them to turn red and lead the way to the nearest exit for anyone who is in the house. Simultaneously, all doors can be unlocked for your family to make a quick exit through the house.

Local control of all your devices
Shelly Plus Smoke Alarm can execute direct actions on other devices on your local network without being connected to the Internet or Shelly Cloud. Count on immediate response time and local scenes to keep your home safe.

Full compatibility
Shelly devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Android and iOS. Together with the voice assistant, you can command Shelly devices using just your voice!


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