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Shelly Wall Display

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A smart control panel with 5 A integrated switch and color display
- Integrated 5 A relay for appliance control; neutral required
- Embedded sensors for Temperature, Humidity & LUX
- Power consumption monitoring of all devices in your chosen room
- Can function as a room thermostat
- Easy navigation and customizable home screen and brightness
- Create scenes and schedules
- Color choice in drop-down menu

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Shelly Wall Display is an intuitive 4” wall display that gives you easy, centralized control and monitoring of all your Shelly devices. With a minimalistic look and customizable home screen, Shelly Wall Display will perfectly fit into your interior and adjust to your needs. Replace your ordinary light switch in 10 minutes and control all your Shelly devices with just a tap.

Navigate your Smart Home: Simplified Control from One Spot!
Shelly Wall Display is a sophisticated 4-inch display that brings intuitive control and seamless monitoring to every corner of your smart home. Say goodbye to your ordinary switches - now, you can effortlessly turn your devices on/off with a simple touch. Whether it's dimming the lights, adjusting the room's ambiance, or ensuring optimal energy efficiency, this smart control panel makes home management simple. The highly customizable home screen becomes a reflection of your preferences, offering a quick glimpse of essential smart home details like temperature, humidity, and power consumption of the room. It also features a built-in 5 A switch, which is a breeze to operate; a quick tap with two fingers lets you switch it on or off without the need to look.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
Connect it to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required! Quick inclusion via Bluetooth or use it as a Bluetooth gateway.

Integrated switch
Features a 5 A switch for appliance control

Embedded sensors
Integrated temperature, humidity & LUX sensors for monitoring and automations

Power monitoring
Of all power measuring devices in your chosen room

Monitor, manage and fine-tune your heating or cooling settings.

Easy navigation
Scroll through different menus and control your devices with just a tap

Personalized Home Screen for Instant Control
Tailor your home screen just the way you like it. Effortlessly arrange and customize the layout to showcase up to 6 devices that matter most to you. You can switch devices on or off with a single tap, monitor humidity and temperature, and know the room’s current power consumption with just a glance.

Quick Control Center: Your Chosen Favorites
This dedicated space lets you create an unlimited collection of your most-used devices, groups, and scenes, putting them all at easy access. Need to set the perfect ambiance? Want to control device groups with a single tap? Simply add them to your favorites and navigate to them instantly. Say goodbye to scrolling through menus – the Favorites Tab ensures that whatever you need is right where you expect it to be.

Device Tab (room-specific)
Access all your devices at a glance using the Devices Tab on Shelly Wall Display. See a complete list of devices that are set up in your chosen room, and control each one individually.

Room-Specific Groups Tab
Simplify control by quickly managing your existing groups. Discover and control the groups of devices that work together harmoniously within the selected room, all in one convenient place.

Scenes Tab (room-specific)
Transform your space in an instant. Discover the scenes you’ve created to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether it’s a cozy movie night or a fun gathering, the Scenes Tab empowers you to alter the mood with a simple touch.

Modernize your Lighting Setup
Replace your traditional switches with Shelly Wall Display and wire its built-in 5A relay to your lights. With a simple two-finger tap, you can switch the relay on or off without the need to look. And don't worry - the relay can also be wired to a traditional light switch next to the display to suit the needs of everyone in your home. Yet Shelly Wall Display is more than just a smart switch - the intuitive touch interface lets you effortlessly move between tabs and control your other devices as well. It also actively monitors the room’s temperature, humidity, and power usage, displaying this information on the home screen at all times.

A Smart Thermostat for Your Home
Shelly Wall Display can also function as a thermostat, presenting an intuitive interface for monitoring, managing, and fine-turning your heating or cooling settings. Equipped with an integrated temperature sensor, it works to craft an optimal energy-efficient experience. If you want to measure the temperature with precision in bigger rooms, it can also receive additional information from an external sensor. It then collaborates with other Shelly devices to adjust heating or cooling and maintain a comfortable living environment based on your preferences.


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