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Gigaset S650H PRO


- Brilliant, 1.8" TFT colour display with 8 lines
- Vibrating alert
- Headset connection via Bluetooth® or 2.5mm jack
- Pin-protected keylock for optimum line security
- scratch- and disinfectant resistance
- Handset only: for use with Gigaset base station
- End of life: Replaced by S650HE PRO or S700H PRO

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Gigaset S650H PRO: The cordless handset designed for professional use

Setting new standards in business communication
This handset is the perfect crossover between a classic mobile and business phone. The handsfree option - with brilliant audio quality - makes multitasking and conference calls a breeze. The Bluetooth® function supports additional features like connecting a headset, or synchronizing your contacts with your Mac or Windows computer - even your smartphone or tablet. Easy to use and install, this handset provides you with a range of convenient extras to support your effectiveness in business. For example, you may want to assign special numbers to an individual key, or be reminded of your customers’ birthdays and important appointments.

Effortless audio performance with audio profiles
In business, you're used to managing different communication situations. Meetings of different types, conference calls etc. demand different notifications. Sometimes you want to be alerted by special sounds, or even no sound at all. The S650H PRO supports the way you work with audio profiles, with quick and easy switching. This handset will impress you with its all-round audio performance, based on Gigaset's patented HDSP audio quality.

Take your calls wherever you are in your office
The S650H PRO supports all Gigaset pro base stations. Together with the N720 DECT IP multicell system it ensures complete coverage of any building or widespread surroundings. Wherever you are, the S650H has it covered: you´ll experience a stable connection and perfect sound quality. In addition, it’s easy to search corporate phonebooks and access voicemails, even when you’re on the move.

Protection against scratches and common disinfectants
The S650H PRO is robust enough to deal with the demands that business life may throw at it. It incorporates scratch protection, thanks to the special coating that makes it resilient to scratches on the display, housing and keys. So scratched handsets are a thing of the past! What's more, the handset is also protected against disinfectant liquids, which makes it the ideal choice for certain kinds of environment, e.g. industrial and manufacturing companies, hospitals and nursing homes, schools.

Silent mode prevents parallel ringing
It's the small details that make a big difference to workplace comfort. Once again, Gigaset has it covered. Normally when you're using two devices, both of them ring when someone's trying to contact you. No orchestra of ringtones with the S650H PRO! With the handy parallel ringing feature, only your desktop phone will ring. The silence mode available on this handset works in combination with a desktop phone only when the handset is in its charger. When you're on the move, your handset will ring as normal.

PIN-protected keylock for optimum line security
Security is one of the key features you expect from a business handset. The S650H PRO, like all Gigaset pro handsets, is equipped with a key lock. But this handset goes one step further, featuring a useful PIN-protected keylock for optimum line security. This feature protects your outside line from unauthorized use, and secures your contacts and call lists from prying fingers. Just one more contribution by Gigaset pro to your peace of mind. (promogigaset)


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Datasheet Gigaset S650H PRO

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