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Gigaset N510 IP PRO


- DECT IP base station with up to 6 VoIP accounts
- Expandable phone system for up to 6 users
- Multiline calling with up to 6 handsets and 4 parallel calls

- Combine with a wide range of attractive Gigaset DECT handsets
- Excellent HD sound

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For small businesses aiming for higher productivity
All companies need a base station to direct their communication. The N510 IP PRO is suitable for up to six users, as you can register up to six handsets on this base station. Of course, you are free to choose which handsets these are. Up to four calls can be made in parallel. The online contacts list makes it easy to find people and companies. When used together with the T300 PRO / T500 PRO telephone exchange, you can also access the corporate contacts list. Are you expanding your office and do you want to extend the range of your base station? You can add up to four N510 base stations without calls being affected. This N510 IP PRO works behind all standard IP phone networks and services from operators. And is the perfect extension towards the Gigaset pro PBX systems.

Support up to six users
Small companies also need professional telephony solutions, which is why we have the N510 IP PRO. It gives you advanced wireless communication within your company for a maximum of six users.

Four parallel calls
Peak call time? No problem, you can conduct up to four calls at once. For optimum availability.

Expandable with DECT repeaters to enlarge the range
A repeater is a good solution in larger offices with a large surface area and several floors. It can be used to easily extend the range of your phones.

Maintain the users
The N510 IP PRO gives you control over your network. Simply log in centrally for an overview of all activities in your network. Adding or updating call lists is also child's play.

Compatible with all Gigaset pro products
As tastes differ and as everyone has different requirements for their handset, your employees can make their own choice. The base station is compatible with all Gigaset pro products. (promogigaset)


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Fiche Gigaset N510 IP PRO

Datasheet - French version

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Datasheet Gigaset N510 IP PRO

Datasheet - English version

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