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Yealink RoomPanel Teams


All-In-One Meeting Room Scheduling Panel
- 8-Inch 10-Point Interactive Panel
- Anti-Fingerprint Screen
- High Visibility LED Bars
- Ambient Light & Proximity Sensor
- Any Walls and Tilt Optional
- PoE or DC Power
- Remote Device Management
- 802.11ac Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth 5.0
- RFID & NFC Embedded
- Actions with Occupancy Sensor

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Yealink RoomPanel: All-In-One Meeting Room Scheduling Panel

Yealink RoomPanel is an 8-inch all-in-one meeting room schedule panel that runs Android 10.0 and comes with full RGB programmable LED background illumination for immediately visible communication of room status. It includes 10-point touch capability, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, a built-in NFC/RFID reader, enhanced microphone arrays and speakers to meet all modern workspace demands. Also equipped with a Power-over-Ethernet and various mounting brackets, Yealink RoomPanel could be easily mounted on any surface.

- 8-Inch 10-Point Interactive Panel: 10-Point touch capability screen to easily book rooms or check in/out on the RoomPanel.
- Anti-Fingerprint Screen: Keep the screen clean and free from fingerprints and oil stains.
- High Visibility LED Bars out Room Status: Full RGB LED bars for immediate all-around visible communication of room status.
- Ambient Light & Proximity Sensor Embedded: RFID & NFC Embedded Environment self-adaptation. Automatically adjust the screen brightness and automatically wake up the screen.
- Any Walls and Tilt Optional: Provide brackets and 3M velcro. Compatible with electrical box, glass and wood, etc., with optional parallel or tilt angle.
- Orientation Optional: Easy to mount with portrait or landscape.
- PoE or DC Power: Minimalist and flexible installation, keep workspace tidy and modern.
- Remote Device Management: Easily monitor, manage, and diagnose by Yealink Management Cloud Server.
- 802.11ac Wi-Fi: Support wireless network deployment and anti-jamming Wi-Fi.
- Bluetooth 5.0: Directly connect to room sensors without extra gateways and support proximity features.
- RFID & NFC Embedded: Enhance ID authorization security and track meeting attendees.
- Actions with Occupancy Sensor: Actions with the room occupancy sensor, such as automatic release, automatic check-in, etc.


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